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High Quality Wood Flooring

"Made in Germany"


German Engineered Flooring"

The Greenest Engineered Wood Flooring in the World!

Supplying the tallest building on the planet



Project »Burj Dubai
Tallest building in the World

The World Record
 has been Broken:

 As of 21st of June 2007, the Burj Dubai, although current still under construction, became the tallest building the world had ever seen. It will house approximately 900 apartments, with Lopark wood flooring. Lopark will produce and deliver 1,020,000 sq.ft. (95.000 sqm) of Muiracatiara and oversee the entire wood flooring   installation process.

This reference attests Lopark highest quality “Made in Germany”. Lopark has fulfilled all the fire resistance exams required for this project and has the know-how to complete a project of this magnitude, due to over 150 years of experience and an abundance of references from around the world. 

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Specification and Technical Information

Lopark  "The Green Wood Flooring"

 LoPark Video's
Informative reports about Lopark
and our activities at the Burj Dubai.

Please click on the buttons to watch the video aired on German public television

WDR-Lokalzeit  mov. file      WDR-Lokalzeit  wmv.file


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Specification and Technical Information

  • Owns their own Sawmill & Production Facility
  • ASTM Testing on multiple species (21 Total)


             Ball Drop

             Tabor Abrasion

             Critical Radian Flux

             Cycle Environment

             Wood Base Fiber & particle panel exam

             Panel Movement

             Water Absorption 


             Toxicity Test Based on Pittsburgh Protocol 

  •  FSC certified forests , PEFC #,  LEED & "Green" Certification

  • Absolutely no Formaldehyde in the top layer of the product, solvent free. 

  • Oak bottom Base (separate pieces  (only company in the world which has been able to create this system)

  • This creates incredible stability. Minimal shrinking or expanding with any sort of temperature or humidity changes. Because the top layer expands in one direction while the bottom layer expands in the opposite direction creating a trap. 

  • Only two layers, meaning one layer of adhesive is used compared to multilayer engineered flooring products using multiple layers of adhesive

  • Thickest top layer in flooring industry 5.3 mm ROYAL and 4.2 mm on ROYAL Maxi 

  • Can be used over radiant heat flooring & can be re-sanded multiple times}

  • Square Edge product & 7 Coats of Anti-scratch Sea


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