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Prefinished Wood Flooring and  Prefinished Wood Floors

 Finished  Wood Floors











































Prefinished Wood Floors:
Engineered and Solid Prefinished Wood Floors in Domestic & Exotic Wood Floor Species

Prefinished Wood Flooring-Standard and Better Oak...

  The hardwood flooring industry has undergone great change in the past 50+ years, starting with the manufacturing of prefinished wood floors in the 1950's.A large part of the change has been in the continued strong growth in prefinished (factory finished) engineered flooring. Through a combination of technological and marketing wizardry, prefinished wood floors have continued to grow, increasing over 10% from last year. Oak is the most common, with maple, ash, and other exotics further down the list. This product, solid and engineered is factory sanded, stained and finished make for easier install & less down time, not to mention no on site sanding, and finishing. Remodeling contractors like prefinished wood floor products and are great for add-on projects. See Choosing A Wood Floor


  With today's technology, manufacturers produce a wide variety of products; many stain colors, finishes, wood species, and sizes. Of the five types of hardwood flooring prefinished engineered is by far gaining much popularity. The jobsite disruption is less, and ease of installation has made this the choice of many contractors and homeowners alike. With prefinished engineered floors having thicker wear layers (top layer of wood), many products can be sand 2 or three times after installation and use. Whether it's to change the color, make repairs or to refinish because of worn through traffic areas, prefinished engineered wood floors are growing in popularity. Many more wood flooring manufacturers who before did not have this product line, now finds it is a Clear White Oak...growing segment of the wood flooring industry that must be reckoned with. Many manufacturers apply multiple coats of tough urethane, UV cured finishes, and aluminum oxide finishes, making this a durable and lasting product. With proper maintenance ( Light sanding & apply additional coats of finish on a timely bases and good cleaning habits) these products boast 10,15 & 20 year warranties. Shop prefinished wood floors ~Get a FREE quote from several sources on Prefinished Wood Floor Products or get a  FREE Installation or Refinishing Estimate from LOCAL Wood Flooring Contractors

Color, Sizes and Finishes of Prefinished Wood Flooring
 Designers prefer natural (light) colors. Each manufacturer has various color selection and finishes along with their particular varieties and sizes. Thickness can range from 1/4" up to 3/4", with the top layer (wear layer) being the most important. The thicker this layer is the more times the floor can be refinished in the future. Widths ranging from 1-1/2" up to 12" on some planks and 9" X 9" TO 12" X 12" on some parquet styles. Most manufacturers produce a 3" plank, with other widths (4"& 5") also in there product lines.
The side edges on these products vary also, the micro bevel (eased edge), beveled, and square edged. The finishes also vary with manufacturers, acrylic, urethane and UV cured are the main three, with various levels of sheen, gloss, semi-gloss, or satin (mat) finishes, as is the number of coats applied. Most start at three to four and go up to 7 or so coats.
Oak floors give a room character...

Prefinished (engineered) is estimated to make up half or more of the hardwood flooring industries sales. This can be attributed to two major reasons:
-The increase in remodeling with a good economy,
-The increased number of on grade (concrete slab) construction.
The ease of installation by remodeling contractors & homeowners along with a strong do-it- yourself market have kept sales high. With the trend moving more and more toward the pre-finished products many manufacturers of solid products are or in the process of producing engineered products. Engineered is replacing the term laminated as the method products are manufactured. Reflecting the technology used to create them and to make a difference between laminated wood flooring and plastic laminated products that are not of wood construction.
With wood flooring contractors reporting 59% of their wood floor installation coming from the remodeling sector,
prefinished and engineered accounts for over 25% of their business. On the other hand, wood floor retailers report that 80% of there business is prefinished and/or engineered.

FREE Product quote from several sources!FREE Installation or Refinishing Estimate from LOCAL Wood Flooring Contractors

See Wood Floors Installation Procedures - Industry Standards

 Three(3) Installation Methods for Prefinished Wood Floors include:

Floating method
Floated - usually 1/8" urethane foam sheeting or may be glued directly to subfloor

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Prefinished Wood Floor Products

Glue down method

Glued -using manufacturers recommended  trowel and adhesive
Nail/staple method



Nailed or Stapled (all 3/4" material) - as per manufacturers specifications of nailing schedule

FREE Installation or Refinishing Estimate from LOCAL Wood Flooring Contractors

See Prefinished Wood Floors Installation Procedures - Industry Standards

Natural (the color of the finished wood material with no stain), by far being the number one choice, in Red oak or White oak (above) Species, maple & ash also are popular. There is a trend toward natural exotics like Santos mahogany, Brazilian cherry, teak, & walnut, with many other exotic species available in prefinished products, ready for installation. The cost varies, according to thickness, width, color & finish. For the most part a thicker "wear surface" (top layer of wood), is better, such that the floor can be refinished more times if necessary. With today's different types of finish, most products carry a 1 to 5 year warranty and some a 25 year warranty. Maintenance is simple with a light sanding (screening) and applying another coat of finish after warranty period is over, will keep your hardwood floors looking like new. Some high traffic area (kitchens/family rooms) may require attention more frequently .


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Most prefinished products ( 1st quality material only) will run from $3.00 to $7.00 per sqr. ft. plus prep, installation, plus any necessary moldings, trims, and accessories. As always check several (minimum ofFREE Product quote from several sources! three) prices from a professional, reputable wood floor contractor. Installation varies from area to area, a unit prices is added into the overall cost. Typical prefinished glue down install cost range from $ 1.50 - $4.00 per square foot. Remember, prep and molding will add the the unit price also, as will custom work.

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Prefinished Wood Floors-Number 2 Common Red Oak...Remember like any thing else, you get what you pay for, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! When making a wood floor part of your home, whether remodeling, or new construction always factor in the flooring cost before you start. Too many times the project gets changed, the job is behind schedule, & cost over runs end up coming out of the wood floor budget, being the wood floor installation is toward the end of the job. Plan ahead, know what you want, allow the wood flooring contractor the time he needs, without interruption from other trades. This will ensure a long & lasting beauty a hardwood floor can give your home or office.

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~Get a FREE quote from several sources on Prefinished Wood Floor Products
FREE Installation or Refinishing Estimate from LOCAL Wood Flooring Contractors

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