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Clear Red Oak
Wood Flooring
Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

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 Wood Floors of Clear Red Oak


CLEAR OAK Wood Flooring Standards
A flooring product of mostly heartwood with a minimum number of character marks and discoloration, providing a uniform appearance while allowing for all heartwood natural color variations.

Will admit the following: 3/8" bright sapwood entire length of strip or equivalent if not extending further than 1" for 1/3 length of piece; small burls and fine pin worm holes; and equivalent characters such as small tight checks; in the absence of these, one thin brown streak 3" long to be allowed every 6'.

Standard Packaging - Bundles to be 1 1/4' and longer; Average length, bundled or nested, 3 3/4'. Shorter Packaging - Average length for 7' and shorter packages, nested or otherwise, 3 1/2'

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