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 # 1 Common Red Oak Wood Flooring
# 1 Common Grade of Hardwood Flooring-Red Oak Floors

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# 1 Common Red Oak - Natural finish

FREE Quote on  # 1 Common Red Oak Wood Flooring from several sources



NOFMA NO. 1 COMMON OAK Wood Flooring Standards
A flooring product which contains prominent variations in coloration and varying characters.

The following are not admitted: broken knots over 1/2" in diameter, large grub worm holes; and splits extending through the piece. Open characters such as checks and knot holes are admitted, but must be sound and readily filled. Not more than 20" scant stock in thickness allowed to every 5'. Minor imperfections in machining permitted. Shall admit sticker stain; varying wood characteristics, such as flag worm holes, heavy streaks, checks, and worm holes; and an occasional dark machine burn across the face not exceeding 1/2" wide, 1/64" deep and not more than two each 3'. 1/4 tongue allowed. Extremely dark pieces are not to be included.

Standard Packaging - Bundles to be 1 1/4' and longer; Average length, bundled or nested, 2 3/4'. Shorter Packaging - Average length for 7' and shorter packages, nested or otherwise, 2 1/2'.

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