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  Reclaimed, Recovered, Antique Wood Floors
Wide Pine Plank Wood Flooring








Reclaimed & Recovered Wood Floors:
Antique Heart Pine Select

This is another option when it comes to specialty wood floors. Most of these wood flooring products are long-leaf heart pine, American chestnut, or red/white oak collected from the demolition sites of homes, mills, ships, warehouses and barns.

Heart Pine Properties From the years of aging, creating a beautiful patina color, these antique wide plank wood floors have a natural beauty of knots, flags, worm holes, color variations, and other character markings. Often the history of these reclaimed products is provided to the buyer. Generally, the wood is at least 60-70 years old, some even Civil War era. These products are often cleaned, reinstalled and/or refinished. Often the same finish is left in place for a rustic look. When refinished the "antique look" can be applied, by distressing, (scraping), as can be done to newer grades of floors, to achieve the old genuine 100 - 200 year old look.
 Some of these wide plank wood floors products are salvaged and reclaimed from old river & creek bottoms, such that they can be cut and made into wide plank wood flooring timbers. These old logs (pine) are pulled from areas that once where the waterways that where used to float them to sawmills from decades gone by. Back when sawmills adorned waterways in the south, the rivers were the means of transportation.



Heart pine from Goodwin Heart PineThese antique plank wood floors have great character, and color, often cut into planks as they were originally intended to be. Recovering these logs and making flooring materials is just one more form of specialty floors available for today's consumer.

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