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 How To Install and Refinish Wood Floors

Wood Floor Installation & Wood Floor Refinishing  Procedures 


Installing Wood Floors on Concrete
Plywood-on-slab detail

Installing Wood Floor Products:
Three (3) Installation Methods most commonly used when



NOFMA Wood Floor Installation diagram - over plywood            

Floating wood floor installationFloated: engineered wood floor products

Glue down wood floor productsGlued: engineered, solids of the proper thickness 

Nail or staple wood floor installationNailed/Stapled: engineered or solids    

 Water + Wood Floors = Problems

 Installing Wood Floors

Wood flooring installation-Nail or stapledInstalling and finishing of wood floors and hardwood flooring products is a detailed and pains taking project for the do-it-yourselfer (DIY). It's rewards are the enjoyment of the enduring beauty a hardwood floor gives to any room setting. It is highly recommended you use a qualified professional wood floor contractor ( see how to choose a wood floor contractor). The following links provide information that is generally accepted in the trade and have incorporated many years of experience. A successful wood floor installation depends upon the installer and close attention to details before, & during the actual installation process. The information provided here is true for most hardwood floorings, and wood floor products, however they DO NOT represent foolproof instructions and individual applications vary from job site to job site. ALWAYS read and follow manufacturers instructions. Wood Floors Online .com, Inc. AND any of the trade association listed here, their members, officers, employees assumes NO risk or liability for these procedures or their use.Glue down wood floor products
Knowing the terms used will help you understand the how's & what's about hardwood and wood flooring installations. Take
a few minutes to check out some other related links to help you understand these procedures more fully. For more detailed procedures, see these related sites concerning the installation and finishing of wood floors.

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Installing Wood
- Hot linked to NOFMA's Installation Manual of Procedures and tips  about installing hardwood flooring & wood floor products, from start to finish. (See detail: On slab installation)

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