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FAQ's  | Wood Floor Info
First Aide for common Wood Floor problems ~ Purchasing a home with wood floors

FAQ's when purchasing a wood floor product

First Aide for common wood floor problems

Purchasing a HOME with Wood Floors-carpet, stains, finish?

Technical Help - F A Q's & Answers








Patching Wood Floors

Basements & Wood Floors

Pet Stains

Builders Checklist before Installing

Prefinished Wood Floors

Choosing A Wood Floor

Purchase Products Direct

Controlling Sound from Wood Floors

Radiant Heat and Wood Floors

Customer Expectations

Refinishing old Wood Floors

Directory - Site Index - More Technical Answers

Refinishing Wood Floors -Procedures

Do's and Don'ts for Wood Floors

Repairing vs Patching Wood Floors

FAQ's when purchasing

Sound Control & Underlayment

FAQ's-First Aide solutions

Sports Floors

FAQ's - Problems-Causes-Cures Wood Floor First Aide solutions

Styles & Trends

Finishes - Mixing Oil & Water Based Finishes

Sub-floors - Suspended and Moisture Barriers

Finishing Wood Floors -Procedures

Types of Wood Floors

Finishes - Trouble Shooting

Water and Wood Floors

Finish Types

Acclimation of Wood Floors

Flooded Wood Floors

Wood Floors and water-flooded floors


Troubleshooting Moisture for the Flooring Contractor

Grade Level- Above & Below Installation

Consumer Help-Avoid Trouble- Moisture Related Concerns

New Home & Wood Floors

Purchasing a home with wood floors-what to look for

Hardness Table

Radiant Heating & Wood Floors

Installation & Finishing Procedures

Sources of Moisture

Job Conditions

Testing for Moisture


Wood Cuts & Grades

Moisture Problems-Checklist

Wood Properties

Moldings-Graphics & Installation Guide

Wood Species: Domestic & Imported



These  sources have given permission for reprint of technical literature:
~Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association-MFMA
~National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association- NOFMA,
~National Wood Flooring  Association-NWFA

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