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Moisture Condensation Checklist




Ceiling spotting Roof leaks
Ice damming
A/C condensation
Cathedral ceiling penetrations (recessed light fixtures, exhaust fans)
Duct condensation (cooling season)
Wind-blown precipitation through vents and louvers
Uninsullated (cold) spots
Plumbing condensation
Roof repairs
Roof Ventilation
Clear condensation line, install backup pan
Install fixtures designed for air-tight installation, good workmanship
Re-wrap ducts with insulation and vapor retarded
Select vent design for water exclusion
Add insulation to bare spots
Gasket between vent pipe and top plate
Roof leaks Workmanship, products Roof repair
Damp ceilings at edges near outside wall Incorrect insulation installation Reposition insulation, install air chutes and blocking
Mold on walls
(heating season)
High indoor humidity Find and remove excess moisture source, clean with dilute bleach solution-Cold side vapor retarded-Use vapor permeable interior finish, avoid depressurization of interior
Damp exterior walls Settled insulation, ice dam leakage Correct insulation, install eave flashing
Window condensation High indoor humidity Find and remove excess moisture source, place heat source beneath window, open drapes and blinds
Frost or ice on window glass Single glazing Use double glazing, install storm windows
Moisture dripping from light fixtures, heating/cooling registers fixtures or registers are cold metal Make sure insulation covers duck work, avoid recessed fixtures
Roof sheathing: frosting mold, delaminating High humidity in attic Close holes in ceiling plane, add balanced ventilation
Exterior paint peeling Moisture transport to outside Reduce interior moisture level, allow moisture to escape behind siding
Mildew on exterior walls Natural conditions Remove by scrubbing, repaint with mildicide-containing paint
Mildew on interior walls or in closets No heat source or inadequate air circulation Add insulation, install louvered doors, reduce humidity
Mildew on bathroom tile, grout and shower curtains High bathroom humidity Remove mildew, use exhaust ventilation
Water in basement/crawl space Site damage
Plumbing leaks
A/C condensation
Rising water table
Correct gutters, downspouts, drainage Repair plumbing
Drain to outside Sump pump, consult geotechnical engineer
Truss rise Wood characteristics and truss geometry Fasten edge of ceiling panels to partition, not truss chord
Moisture/frost near edge of concrete floor slab Not correctly insulated Place insulation on outside of slab
Efflorescence on masonry & concrete Moisture movement through materials Reduce leak or moisture source
Mold on framing or trim at windows Window condensation Reduce high humidity or locate heat source near window
Mold or decay on floor framing High humidity in basement or crawl space Place ground cover in crawl space, correct site drainage


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