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Painted Wood Floors-Faux Finishes on Hardwood Flooring

Art toWalk On
Hand painted medallion in 3 exotic woods






Painted Wood Floors
Faux Finishes on Hardwood Floor Products
Custom Wood Floors



Painted Inlays -Woodgraining on prefinished wood floors



Hand Painted Wood Floors have become more and more popular in recent years, as consumers demand more in customizing their wood floors. Nearly any and every effect can be painted, stained, or tinted onto a wood floor in many designs, patterns & interact combination of effects, using many techniques and different types of finishes.

Hand-painted Oriental Carpet

Art to Walk On
 NOW this is the ultimate fashion statement about you and your home. Using today's glazes, finishes, paints and techniques, a wide variety of designs, inlays, wood graining and faux finishes can be used to create "Designer Floors" of many special effects. 
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