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Pine Wood Floors-Heart Pine Wood Floors &
Antique Heart Pine Wood Floors

 Pine: A Domestic Wood Floor Species

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Heart Pine  & Antique Heart Pine Wood Floors
Heart Pine with Oil and Latex based finishes

LEFT-Oil based                   RIGHT-Water BasedHeart Pine Wood Floors

Antique River-Recovered Select Heart Pine

Heart Pine Wood Floors

Appearance of Pine Wood Floors: Color:
Heartwood is yellow after cutting and turns deep pinkish tan to warm reddish brown within weeks due to high resin content. Sapwood remains yellow, with occasional blue-black sap stain. 

Grain of Heart Pine Wood Floors: Dense, with high figuring. Plainsawn is swirled; rift or quartersawn is primarily pinstriped. Curly or burl grain is rare.

Availability: Limited

Properties of Pine Wood Floors: Hardness: 1225 Janka Table, 5% sifter than Northern red oak. Durability: Natural resistance to insects in heartwood; dense

Workability of Pine Wood Floors: Sawing: Good Nailing: Good Sanding: Use course paper for 1st sanding, may clog paper. Finishing: Accepts surface and penetrating finishes, some stains tend to blotch

Heart Pine laid on a diagonal



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