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Wood Floor Species: Jarrah  -  Eucalyptus marginata

Jarrah an Exotic Wood Floor Species

LEFT-Oil based RIGHT-Water Based

Appearance: Color: Pinkish to dark red heartwood, often a rich, dark red mahogany hue, turning a deep brownish red with age and exposure; sapwood is pale. Frequent black streaks with occasional ingrown grain
Grain: interlocked or wavy. Texture is even and moderately course
Availability: Moderately
Properties: Hardness: 1910%, Janka Table, 48% harder than Northern red oak . Durability: Excellent
Workability: Sawing: Difficult to work due to high density and irregular grain Nailing: Good Sanding: Well, Dust can stain fabric or wall coverings Finishing: Bleeding can occur (red) with some finishes

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