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Wood Floor Species: Teak ( Thia / Burmese)   Tectona grandis

Teak 2-3/4 X 3/4

LEFT-Oil based RIGHT-Water Based

Appearance: Color: Heartwood varies from yellow-brown to dark golden brown, turning rich brown when exposed to sunlight. Sapwood is lighter cream colored
Grain: Straight; coarse, uneven texture.
Availability: Limited
Properties: Hardness: 1000, Janka Table, 22% softer than Northern red oak . Durability: Strength values are similar to those of American oak.
Workability: Sawing: Moderate ease, carbide tooling recommended Nailing: Good Sanding: Clogs sanding paper Finishing: Some finishes have adhesion / drying concerns due to natural oils in the wood.

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